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ConfigSafe® 2016 Professional Edition

What’s New

imagine LAN, Inc. has enhanced the entire ConfigSafe 2016 product family with an emphasis on the out-of-box experience for users. ConfigSafe 2016 is now ready to monitor and discover critical system state changes from the moment it is installed.

As the threat of malware, credit card fraud, identity theft, and account hacking becomes more pervasive, consumers are increasingly concerned with protecting their computers from malicious intrusions or unintentional side effects of accidental clicking while surfing the internet.

ConfigSafe 2016 keeps track of critical system state configurations from the moment it is installed and every time the system logs into Windows. ConfigSafe automatically records all critical system state changes that occur while it is installed and allows users to examine and compare system state snapshots to discover the system state change history. In addition to the automatic system state configuration snapshot, snapshots can also be initiated manually for enhanced timeline investigation. A Quick Compare feature allows the comparison of a live system to the latest recorded system state configuration so that you can defend the unknown and unexpected changes even when malware passes through the perimeter defense of anti-virus software.


ConfigSafe® 2016 employs a new core engine interoperable with NTFS and Volume Shadow Copy Service of Windows® Systems to deliver system state changes and forensic information in the context specified.

ConfigSafe® 2016 is the latest edition in the ConfigSafe® line of system protection utilities to protect your PC and keep it trouble-free. ConfigSafe® 2016 includes Desktop edition, Professional edition, Forensic edition, and a new USB edition. Click to see product family feature comparison.


  1. Discover critical system state configuration changes during the latest user session
  2. Discover the exact changes to be made by System Restore or Backup software
  3. Disclose all changes to system made by software installation or residues left behind by software uninstallation
  4. Add or Remove system objects after System Restore or Backup restore have completed to your specification for a precision recovery
  5. Create SQL-based ConfigSafe Snapshots for logging, templating, and security analysis




The operational capabilities include:

  1. Exploration of all system objects: Folder/File/Registry/State
  2. Comparison of all system objects: Folder/File/Registry/State
  3. Comparison reporting for logging and analysis

Target moment-in-time images include:

  1. live + Shadows on local shadowed system volume
  2. live + Shadows on local shadowed data volume
  3. live images from other connected volume
  4. Snapshots taken by ConfigSafe on live images of connected volume

Click to see product family feature comparison.




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Supported Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems: Vista/7/8/10

NOTE: For Windows 8 and above, the support of ConfigSafe Export feature for user personal files larger than 1KB size is limited due to the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service.

Version History:

Version 1.2 General Release September 16, 2016

  • Enhance ConfigSafe Snapshot features with “Host file” and “MBR”

Version 1.1 General Release July 1, 2015

  • Enhance ConfigSafe Snapshot features
  • Enhance Start Page Context Menu

Version 1.0  General Release March 9, 2015

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