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AutorunCheck Snapshot Edition


AutorunCheck is a security tool designed to detect the presence of malware and other forms of potentially unwanted programs on Microsoft Windows PCs. By identifying suspicious and outright malicious Autoruns, AutorunCheck can help pinpoint malicious and unwanted programs for removal.

AutorunCheck Snapshot Edition is a free version for personal use of AutorunCheck that allows users to authenticate all the Windows Autorun settings on their PCs and take “snapshots” of their Autorun settings so they can be uploaded and shared with support professionals for users seeking fast, remote help.  For business deployment please contact us for site licensing.


Autorun is a component of Microsoft Windows operating systems that enables applications to be automatically run at system startup. This component of the Microsoft Windows is commonly used by legitimate software for various reasons. Any software that runs in the background while adding functionality will typically make use of Autoruns.

As Autoruns begin to accumulate with each application installed on a PC, a system will often become slower, less responsive and less stable because of the number of applications requesting to run in the background. Autoruns are a consistent cause of many issues that creep up over time on a Windows PC.

Cyber Security:

From a security standpoint, we refer to Autoruns as a Persistence Mechanism. While there are numerous legitimate use cases for persistence mechanisms in safe applications, they are also almost universally exploited by malware, spyware and other potentially unwanted programs. These types of unwanted programs have two goals; gain entry to a system and achieve an objective once there. Persistence mechanisms are a means for unwanted programs to achieve their objective. They allow malware to persist through system reboots and continue running in the background undetected as they gather information, deliver an attack payload or wait for further instructions. Persistence mechanisms allow malware to maintain control over a PC. We look at suspicious Autoruns as an early indicator of compromise.

Autorun Authentication:

There are a number of available software tools that are designed to help users identify and examine all Autoruns installed on a Microsoft Windows PC. However, these tools generally present the user with raw information and do not help a typical user make decisions on what is safe and what is suspicious let alone automate the process of finding malicious Autoruns or quarantining and removing them. Furthermore, a single Microsoft Windows PC can contain hundreds of Autoruns making the process of manually identifying and validating Autoruns a cumbersome task. In a business environment with tens, hundreds or even thousands of PCs to manage, this task becomes infeasible with manual software tools.
AutorunCheck authenticates Autorun settings automtically and in real-time through the use of a cloud-based Autorun Settings Repository (ASR).


Live Windows Autorun setting discovery and snapshot

  • Open saved snapshot in xml format
  • Taking a live Autorun setting snapshot
  • Save the snapshot in xml format
  • Authenticate Autoruns through Autorun Setting Repository
  • Research Autorun Setting through Internet Research Assistant

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Download the latest AutorunCheck Snapshot Edition FREE

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Supported Windows Operating Systems:

  1. Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2/Vista/7/8
  2. Microsoft® Windows® 10 Technical Preview
  3. Microsoft Windows Server 2003R2/2008R2/2012R2

Additional Requirements:  Internet connection for evaluating Autorun entries with the Autorun Setting Repository

Version Histories:

Version 1.0.1  General Release

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