Configuration Expert Series

Discover all Windows changes (File/Folder/Registry) for PC system health.

Security Expert Series

Authenticate critical Windows assets and determine if your system is already infected by malware.

Forensic Expert Series

Extend and automate investigations to suspect clone drive for forensic analysis.

News and Updates
July 21, 2015:

imagine LAN, Inc. has enhanced the entire ConfigSafe 2015 product family with an emphasis on the out-of-box experience for users. ConfigSafe 2015 is now ready to monitor and discover critical system state changes from the moment it is installed. Please read “What’s New” section for more details or the July 21, 2015 Press Release.

March 9, 2015:

imagine LAN, Inc. has revamped its core engine to interact with the latest Windows system services for the following expert series products

  1. Configuration expert series
  2. Cyber Security expert series
  3. Forensic expert series